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Good Fairies


HD 0 (HP 1)  Armor as plate + shield
Shoot Arrow 1d4  Spellcasting (see below)
Fly as sparrow  Morale 4 Save 14+
*Fairy dust.  See below.
*Stealthy and Oblivious.  Surprising on 4-in-6, but being caught unawares the other 2-in-6 (usually because they're playing, dancng, singing, etc).
*Glamour.  Clothing, armor, and attacks are appear however the fairy wishes (often subconsciously, reflecting their emotions).

Each fairy is covered in fairy dust.  They can give this dust away, or you can shake it off of them.  A fairy without fairy dust cannot fly, but will recover overnight.  Fairy dust cannot be stockpiled, and disappears overnight.  When sprinkled on a creature, grants flight for 1 minute.  Each type of fairy dust has a secondary effect (see below).

Each fairy knows 3 spells, each usable 1/day.

Since fairies are created by the dreams of children, they share children's innocence, petulance, and callousness.  There are three types of fairies: good fairies, evil fairies, and noble fairies (who see themselves as adults, and therefore above this whole good-and-evil nonsense).  Fairies love children, but babies are often stolen and sent back to Fairyland, where they are put to sleep in order to create more fairies.

Good fairies are "good", but it is a child's notion of goodness.  They see themselves as the heroes of their own stories, and will do anything to uphold that role.  To them, live is a perpetual game of 'knights and orcs', and they are the knights.

Fairies all enjoy glamour--to a large extent, they can choose how their their clothing and hair appear.  Even their bodies are malleable to some extent.  A fairy's perception of themselves is always mirrored in their appearance.  A fairy's beauty is proportionate to how good they perceive themselves to be.  This is glamour, and it has a mirror side: a fairy's appearance is also reflective of how other's see her.  A beautiful fairy might suddenly shrivel and her wings droop the moment that the villagers discover that she killed the shepherd.

Around a fairy, minor magic happens spontaneously.  Flowers bid the fairy good day, captured witches turn into cakes, and fairies often bestow blessings that stem from nothing but their good intentions.  This is the universe rearranging itself to better suit the fairies in small ways.  In some ways, our reality is their dream.

Although they shun violence and abhor murder, even the least of good fairies possesses powerful magic, especially curses.  For example, gem fairies can turn all of your coinage into sparkly mud, no save.  They all enjoy beauty, compliments, and courtly language.  Niceness in general.

Because they have a child's grasp on morality, things like cussing often upset a fairy more than murder.  Children get in trouble all the time for cussing, but it's rare that a kid needs to be told not to murder someone.  So murder exists in an unexamined moral zone.

Fairies often exist at the center of an adoring group.  Usually children, animals, or some clan of bestial humanoids.

Lastly, fairies are demanding.  Whenever you meet a fairy, they will invariably want something from you.  They see themselves as absolutely entitled.  Most of them are very busy Making The World A Nicer Place, and if they ask you to help them do it, you should feel honored to be included.

Interactions with fairies usually follow this script:

  1. Fairy appears and demands something.  They will smile and ask nicely.  Please?  Peesh?
    1. If you seem reluctant, they will throw a tantrum.
  2. If you do not comply with their politely-phrased request they will fight you.
    1. Mess with their stuff.  When discovered, curse them, turn invisible, and fly away.
  3. If you do comply, they'll be overjoyed!  You're their new best friend!
    1. If you do an extra-special job (positive attitude required!) they'll reward you with fairy treasure.
    2. If you want to bash the fairies and just steal their treasure, the treasure is usually at the bottom of a pond or inside a ridiculously tiny box or something.
    3. Keeping fairies captive is a very bad idea.  Fairy tears will eventually alert the noble fairies, and you don't want to mess with them.  (They can melt you like a candle.)

Types of Fairies

Candy Fairy
Candy fairies fly with pastel-colored dove wings.  They are the most playful.
invisibility, swords to sugar, charm
Candy fairy dust can also be sprinkled on food and/or drink, where it turns the substance to delicious candy and functions as purify food and drink.

Flower Fairy
Flower fairies fly by clinging to dandelion stems.  They value attractive people the most.
invisibility, food to flowers, entangle
Gem fairy dust also be sprinkled on a plant, which will cause it to perk up, grow a bunch of flowers, and gain the power of speech (as talk to plants) for 1 minute.

Gem Fairy
Gem fairies fly with quartz dragonfly wings.  They value attractive items and places the most.
invisibility, gold to glitter, glitterdust
Gem fairy dust can also be sprinkled on a gem to split it into 1d4 smaller gems, each worth half of the original gem.

Ice Fairy
Ice fairies fly by riding a large snowflake.  They like to do nice things for children, especially delivering presents to underprivileged kids.
invisibility, tinder to toys, ice (as grease)
Ice fairy dust can also be sprinkled on a fire to instantly extinguish a 10'x10' area of flame.  If sprinkled on a fire creature, that creature takes 3d6 damage (save for half).  If sprinkled on a fire-breathing creature, that creature must save or be unable to breath fire for 1d6 turns.  (However, these creatures will gain flight for 1 minute, so be mindful).

New Spells
Usually cast just prior to turning invisible and flying off.

Food to Flowers
All of a character's rations turn into bouquets of beautiful flowers.  Potable liquids turn into hibiscus nectar.  No save.

Gold to Glitter
All of a character's money (precious metals, promissory notes, etc) turn into worthless glitter.  Gemstones are immune to this effect.  No save.

Swords to Sugar
All of a character's weapons turn into sugar-crystal versions of themselves if it fails a saving throw (make a save for each weapon).  Sugarified weapons shatter the first time that they roll maximum damage.  Shattered sugar weapons yield a number of rations equal to their die size.

Tinder to Toys
All of a character's flammable items (potions, lantern oil, potions of fire breathing) turn into toys (all of the same type of toy).  Roll on the toy table; there is a 25% chance that one of the toys is magical.  No save.

stealin dis babby yep
Candy Fairy Encounters (Demands)
  1. 1d4 candy fairies want the party to rescue a pair of children, who have been stolen by a witch.  The fairies insist that the witch be captured alive and brought back for a trial.  If the party heads straight to her hut, they'll have just enough time to stop the witch from eating the kids.  She's not baking them in the oven or anything--she's just casting hold child on them, tossing them on the table, and having a go with the cutlery.  She's protected by 2d6 pigs and an animated scythe.  If the witch is brought back to the fairies, the fairies will turn her into a cake and share her with the children. It'll be festive; the kids and the fairies will be like, "This is so weird haha" and then throw cake at each other.  The fairies will also gift the party with 2d6 gingerbread rations, each of which restores 1 HP.
  2. 1d4 candy fairies insist that you got stop two groups of soldiers (each 2d6 men) from killing each other in the woods.  (Violence upsets them.)  The smaller group controls a crumbling tower that the larger group wants.  The soldiers will flip out if you tell them that the fairies sent you.  Fuck fairies!
  3. A candy fairy wants a piggy-back ride!  She'll ride on your head and tell you where to go!  It'll only be 1d6 miles in a random direction!  Don't slow down!  Running slow is boooring!  I can fly faster than this.  Why aren't you making horsey noises?  (The fairy is scared of real horses.)  If the fairy thinks you are going too slow, she will magic you until you really do run as fast as a horse (but lack equine stamina).  The blessing lasts until the end of the day.
  4. 2d4 fairies want the party to join them in a parade through the streets of their gingerbread village!  The parade is to celebrate the gingerbread village that they just built!  If you break anything, you'll ruin the whole ceremony!  The parade is in five minutes.  The PCs will have an opportunity to see the parade route beforehand and learn that they'll have to walk past a bee hive and over a graham cracker bridge; the fairies are cool with you taking precautions before the parade, but not during.  There are four complications:
    1. Don't step on the peppermint horses!  (Dex checks)
    2. Don't freak out about the bees!  Just take your stings!  If you disturb the bees they might drop the banner!  (BEES ARE STINGING YOU IN THE FACE OMFG.)
    3. Please don't collapse the bridge with your ridiculous human-weight.  (Smaller characters are fine.  Larger characters will have to jump.)
    4. Sing the Candyville anthem!  What's a parade without a song?  (At least one of the players has gotta sing a song IRL.  It doesn't matter how shitty the song is; the fairies will be happy as long as its about how great Candyville is.)

Candy Fairy Treasures
  1. Eternal Gobstopper.  As long as you suck on this gobstopper 24 hours a day, you'll no longer need to eat or drink.
  2. 1d3 Fizzy Sodas.  Function as potions of levitation that end with a tremendous belch.
  3. Licorice Gumdrop.  If eaten, save vs curse or turn into a gingerbread person (size doesn't change).  Gingerbread people are like other adventurers, except that their wounds don't heal naturally or via healing magic--they need the services of a baker.
  4. Two Loaves of Bunny Bread.  Acts like a rabbit sans fear and nervousness.  Tastes like sweet bread.  Doesn't mind being eaten, and reacts to everything else with a sort of aloof curiosity.  If the entire loaf is eaten, functions as a potion of cure light wounds.  It is possible to breed more bunny bread, but each generation will heal 1 point less HP (if you want to go down this road, be aware that they only eat candy).

Flower Fairy Encounter (Demands)
  1. 1d4 flower fairies want you to have a tea party with them.  Proper etiquette is a must.  Cleanliness is a must (the party will be given a chance to wash in a nearby stream beforehand).  One of the PCs will fall ill from the tea and must save vs poison every turn until they vomit (hopefully they won't barf at the table).
  2. 1d4 fairies are sad!  Their favorite treant is going to be alone this Valentine's day, and they want to find her a date!  The treant's name is Frambledeen and she's a weather-beaten oak with a quick wit.  A bit depressive, though.  There are 4 eligible bachelor treants in the forest:
    1. Sourstump can't leave his post to go on a date!  The lumberjacks will cut down all of his friends!
    2. Bargle Mog is willing to go on the date, but it will go disastrously if he brings his friends: a pair of harpies that nest in his hair.
    3. Gornsnacker is a tangle tree treant, and won't be able to resist trying to eat the PCs.  Out of all the treants, he's probably the most fun to hang out with, though (if he's not hungry).
    4. Old Man Jarko is a noble specimen to be sure, but he gets so nervous that he'll need coaching every step of the way.  He has no idea how to talk to a lady, and will probably need someone whispering in his ear the whole time. 
  3. 1d4 fairies are sad!  A grumpy, smelly, ugly, old druid (HD 7) keeps pulling up the flowers that they plant.  They want you to feed him a magic strawberry.  The druid lives in a shallow cave with his blind, toothless bear companion.  The druid has druid spells but can also turn into a huge auroch (HD 7, blind, 25% of charge attacks result in druid hitting a tree and damaging himself).  If the druid he turns into an enormous strawberry plant.  The plant has 1d4+1 strawberries growing on it, each of which functions as a potion of cure light wounds, except that the eater can also hear the old druid ranting at them.
  4. A flower fairy wants the PCs to plant 3 cherry trees.  Each tree is a small sapling that weighs 10 lbs, its roots in a dirt-filled pot.  Each cherry tree must be planted in a different hex than this one (part of her plan to cover the world with beautiful flowers) and each must be planted somewhere safe and fertile.  Once this is done, the fairy will appear to congratulate them.  If one of the plants dies, the fairy will try to ambush them (4-in-6) in full petulant rage.
Brian Froud

Flower Fairy Treasures
  1. Magical Teapot.  Any liquid placed in it is turned into healthy, hot tea.  Any beneficial properties of the liquid are preserved.  This takes 10 minutes, after which the teapot whistles.
  2. 2d6 Fancy Flowers.  Pin one one your clothing or armor and you will be cloaked in fairy glamour.  You appear to be dressed for a ritzy ball, and have a pleasing, floral aroma.  Each flower is usable once. 
  3. 1d3 Dandelion City Seeds.  Immediately grows into a dandelion when planted, which yields a flower 1 round later.  Anyone looking directly at the flower when it blooms is shrunk to a microscopic height and teleported onto the surface of the dandelion, which is revealed to be a miniature city occupied by cheerful mite people.  They'll offer free food, dandelion wine, and beds at their local inn.  This lasts until the party leaves the dandelion city, morning arrives, or the dandelion is destroyed, at which point the party pops back to full size.  Afterwards, the dandelion city remains there, but the party has no way to return (probably).
  4. Flower Armor.  Functions as chain, or chain +1 if the wearer has Cha 17+.  Once per day, allows the character to smite ugliness, getting +4 to hit and dealing +1d6 damage.  Only works on ugly creatures (by fairy standards).  If the target is really ugly, increase this to +2d6 damage.
Arthur Rackham
Gem Fairy Encounters (Demands)
  1. 1d4 gem fairies want you to recover their treasure chest, which was "swallowed by a small worm".  The worm in question is indeed small for a purple worm, as it's a juvenile (-2 HD, no sting).  It has currently swallowed their newly minted fairy coins (from their mine) and all 22 of their goblins (who worked the mine).  The fairies' current plan involves slathering one of the PCs with ipecac and getting the worm to swallow them.  If the PCs decide to go through with this stupid plan, the worm and the PC will basically make Con checks to see if the PC dies before the worm throws up.  If the worm does throw up, it will vomit out 4000s and a treasure chest containing Sluggo, a half-asphixiated goblin who love to join his saviors as a retainer (and to escape the fairies).  The fairies will want to split the recovered coins.  The PCs can keep Sluggo.  He smells like worm farts anyway.
  2. 1d4 gem fairies want your gems (they can smell them) so that they can replace them in the ground, so that they can bring joy to someone who discovers them for the first time again.  They will pay you 150% what the gems are worth, but they have only 1d6 x 100s with which to purchase your gems.  If you have more gems than that, they'll have to owe you.  Come back next year, when they'll have more money.
  3. 1d4 gem fairies are sad.  Their favorite idol in their favorite dungeon has had its eyes gouged out.  They want the party to recover one of the rubies from a thief named Bengar (HD 4, has 4 HD 2 bodyguards) who is discreetly trying to fence the gem at the nearest city.  Once the party has the gem, the gem fairies will give you the second gem (each worth 1000s) and give you accurate directions to the defaced idol (within the nearest dungeon).  They're actually very trusting, and will take you at your word if you say you replaced the gems.  If you never return, they'll trust that you did what you were asked.
  4. 1d4 gem fairies are appalled at your ugly armor.  They insist that you leave it with them so that they can clean it and make it prettier.  This will take 1 week.  After the week is over, the armor will indeed be beautiful, but will also offer 1 less point of AC than it did before.  There is a 5% chance that the fairies actually improved the armor (as armor +1) instead of degrading it.  If improved, the armor appears to be made of solid gold and:
    1. Can disguise itself as a fancy set of clothing, such as a ballgown or tuxedo.
    2. Can automatically escape from a grab 1/day.

Gem Fairy Treasures
  1. Curse-Eating Gem.  Set in a necklace, this midnight-stained gemstone protects its wearer from curses, granting them a +4 bonus to save vs curses.  Each curse that the wearer saves against is absorbed by the gem, causing it to double in size and value.  The gem starts out being worth 100s, and can absorb 2d4 curses before it shatters, releasing all the trapped curses at once (PC gets a new save against each) and becoming worthless.
  2. Wand of Command Coins with 7 charges left.  Can order a pile of coins to stack themselves, roll along behind you (but not up stairs), hide in crevices, act as rollers for heavy statues, act as spilled marbles, etc.  Lasts 1 hour.
  3. Fairy Coin.  When asked a yes/no question and flipped, the coin will give a correct answer 67% of the time.  One side depicts a fairy queen (the Queen of Consequences) and indicates 'yes', while the opposing face depicts a donkey.  If the PCs ever meet the Queen of Consequences and show her the coin, she will be well disposed towards them.
  4. Mirror Sword.  As a sword +1.  By spending your turn getting into a batter's stance, you can parry a spell that comes towards you.  To parry a spell, make an attack roll as it hits you against an AC of 10+spell level.  This will reflect the spell back at the caster, who has their own chance to parry the spell, except that they must hit an AC equal to the attack you just rolled.  First one to fail the parry is struck by the spell.

Ice Fairy Encounters (Demands)
  1. 1d4 ice fairies and 1d4 children want the party to stay and build a gigantic jungle gym.  This will take 1d3 days for a 5-person party.  Roll random encounters normally.  At the end, they'll have a igloo-cottage they can rest in as long as they want.
  2. 1d4 ice fairies and 1d4 children want the party to stay and play with them.  During this time, the PCs will turn into children (-3 to all physical stats) without realizing it until it is done.  A random combat encounter occurs during this time (but the PCs will perhaps have the fairy's help in defeating it), after which the fairy will be satisfied.  They will remain children as long as they remain with the fairy.  After they leave, they will revert to adulthood overnight, except that they will have been youthened 1d6 years.
  3. 1d4 ice fairies want the party's help delivering presents.  Each party member must break into a house and put a present under the pillow of a sad child.  (Since this involves splitting up the party, hasten your narration as much as possible, i.e. bring them straight to the complication.)  Complications (d6):
    1. 1d3 dogs.  Roll a reaction roll to see if they like you.
    2. Child is only 75% asleep and wants to know what you're doing in his room.  Cannot be convinced that fairies are real--wants to know the real reason.  Will yell for parents if you cannot give a good excuse.
    3. One of the family members is still awake.  You'll have to go past them to get to the child's room.
    4. The toy broke and turned back into ice.  Find a replacement, quickly.
    5. They were expecting you!  Milk and cookies were set out for you.  Delicious.
    6. They were expecting you!  Milk and cookies were set out for you.  Milk is poisoned.  Save vs paralysis or you'll be paralyzed long enough for them to discover you.
  4. 1d4 ice fairies are sad!  A child ran away and has been lost in the woods.  If you do not find them in 6 hours, the fairies will blame you.  Child is not that far away.  Complication:
    1. Child is at the top of a tree, where the branches are precariously thin.  Too scared to come down.
    2. Child is hiding in a small cave.  She doesn't trust strangers enough to come out.
    3. Child has been adopted by friendly bandits.  Child is drunk on peach brandy and doesn't want to come home.  Bandits aren't too keen on it either, having taken a shine to the kid.
    4. Child is about to be eaten by an owlbear.  You have one combat round to piss off the owlbear so much that it forgets all about the kid and goes for you.  (Let players roll initiative individually for the first round.)  (Protip: running up behind it and kicking it in the nuts is perhaps the most reliable solution to this dilemma.)
Cottington's Pressed Fairies
Ice Fairy Treasures

  1. Toy Boat. Only works for those who are playful.  When placed in a body of liquid and urged to become larger, it turns into a large, beautiful canoe.  Turns back when removed from the water.
  2. Stick Horse. Only works for those who love the thrill of speed.  When put between your legs and urged to move faster, turns into a fairy horse.  Doesn't function between midnight and dawn, and will revert to toy-form during that time.
  3. Velvetine Bear.  Only works for those who are scared, even if its just a little.  When hugged and urged to provide comfort, it animates and obeys your commands, and is capable of doing anything a clumsy, 5 lb monkey could do.  When clutched to your chest (requires a free hand), you get +4 vs fear.
  4. Tin Soldier.  Only works for those who want to be heroic.  If placed on the floor and commanded to attention, the tin soldier will begin marching towards the nearest person desiring rescue (range 1000' horizontal).  It will even attempt to march up to the captor and attack them with its tiny sword.  (This is useless except as a distraction.)

Thank you +Robin Zink+Jeff Russell, and +Noah Stevens for pointing me towards better fairy art.


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