Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mutant Dinosaur Generator


Note: if you get an impossible result, such as an icthyosaur on land, it doesn't matter.  Make it make sense.  Your dinosaur fish now slithers along like a snake or something.

Base Dinosaur

  1. Brontosaur
  2. Stegosaur
  3. Hadrosaur
  4. Velociraptor
  5. Dimetrodon
  6. Tyrannosaur
  7. Ankylosaur
  8. Archeopteryx
  9. Pterosaur
  10. Pachycephalosaurus
  11. Pleisiosaur
  12. Icthyosaur
  1. Normal
  2. Normal but with glowing eyes
  3. Re-roll on base dinosaur table.
  4. Other
    1. Skeletal
    2. Prehensile Tongue
    3. Extra eyes
    4. Extra appendages or wings growing out of head
    5. Two-headed
    6. Headless except for giant sucking hole
Interesting Feature
  1. Radioactive Glow
  2. Speaks with Human Voice, but is insane
  3. Speaks with Human Voice, believes it is something completely out of context (such as a 20th century human electrician who is dealing with a rat problem)
  4. Levitating
  5. Psychic Powers
    1. Telekinesis
    2. Telepathy (only used to broadcast roars, but can pick up on thoughts and react intelligently)
    3. Local Omniscience
    4. Pseudo-Imaginary
  6. Strange Materials
    1. Metal
    2. Bone or Skeletal  (Undead)
    3. Clay or jelly (can turn into a slime)
    4. Ghost-stuff (can phase through things)
New Attack
  1. Robo-Dinosaur
    1. Chainsaw Hands/Horns
    2. Wrecking Ball Tail
    3. Rocket Clusters in Shoulders
    4. Cannon hidden in Throat
    5. Rocket Head (ranged bite attack)
    6. Rocket legs (2x speed + charge attack)
  2. Freakish Muscularity (does 2x damage) (Google 'synthol muscles')
  3. Genius Intelligence (18+ Int) and 1-4 random spells
  4. Laser Eyes
  5. Breath Attack
    1. Fire
    2. Frost
    3. Acid
    4. Lightning
    5. Sludge (treat as web spell)
    6. Rusted cutlery (slashing damage)
  6. Infectious Bite (disease is microscopic offspring dinosaurs that swim in the blood, begin escaping through pores, and eventually tear the host apart)
  7. Instead of teeth, has a rotary bladed mouth
  8. Can split into subunits, like Voltron in reverse.  Each subunit is a smaller version of the big dinosaur.
  9. Immortal.  Will resurrect 1 minute after its apparent death.
  10. It's gaze can trap up to 1d4-1 (min 1) souls inside it's head, with a failed save.  Victims will fall unconscious and soulless until the dinosaur's head is broken open.  50% chance that dinosaur's head is full of angry ghosts.  Trapped victims are visible in the dinosaur's eyes, beating on the surface like a window.
  11. Porous ribcage = dinosaur is actually symbiotic with a wasp colony.
  12. Shoots eggs from its butt.
  13. Prehensile tongue and swallow attack.  (even if dinosaur is normally too small)
  14. Pillow-like consistency, immune to bludgeoning attacks.  Docile temperment, and will seek to hug people (until attacked).  People who are hugged for more than one round will be absorbed like an ooze.  Dinosaur is also pink and has big, cute, and has big eyes.
  15. Fractal genitalia.  Save vs confusion for 1d6 rounds.  Those who fail will be unable to figure out what gender a person is for another 1d6 days.
  16. Insane babbling = meme generator.  Save vs infection.  Those infected cannot talk except in sentences related to dinosaur's meme.  Meme:
    1. Pie.
    2. Shoes.
    3. Sluts.
    4. Cats.
  17. Can cast invisibility at will.  When visible, has see-through skin.
  18. Covered in spines.  Those attacking in melee take 1d6 damage.  Can throw them like a wyvern.
  19. Transformo-dinosaur.  At will, or when at 50% health, can transform into:
    1. Tank
    2. Submarine
    3. Jet
    4. Another mutant dinosaur (roll a new mutant dinosaur!)
  20. Vampiric.  Coffin is not a coffin, but is instead the nearest volcano (if a fantasy game) or abandoned blast furnace (if game is gonzo or sci-fi).  Drains heat instead of blood, leaving corpses that are permanently cold.  Is burning hot to the touch, and will damage people if grappled.
Complications (50% that any given random encounter has a complication, slash DM judgement)
  1. Is actually a transformed:
    1. wizard
    2. prince/princess
    3. some stupid animal like a dog or iguana
  2. Has a howdah on the back with a bunch of maggoty corpses, one of which is carrying a treasure map and mechanical parrot
  3. Is escaped from the royal zoo, wears a collar, and is worth a fortune if returned
  4. Is an agent of the dinosaur god, and has been punished with mutation for its sins.
  5. Eats garbage and maintains a huge carrion/refuse pile.  50% chance that the pile contains something really nice
  6. Wants to bring back live food to its babies.  (Doesn't matter if base dinosaur a herbivore.)
  7. Is part of a wizard's experiment.  Killing it will have repercussions.
  8. Is on its way to the dinosaur graveyard.  It has been driven mad with cancer pain.
  9. Is the patron dinosaur of a tribe of cannibal humanoids, preferably frog-pygmies.
  10. Is pregnant with the sleeping body of Archdinosaur-Archdruid Famfaroo, regenerating his wounds.

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