Friday, May 30, 2014

Optional Rule: Wizard Vision

Riffing off my last post (Digression: Some Bullshit About Wizards), this post is about Wizard Eyes.  You know, sight beyond sight?  The magical dimension behind our own?

I'll let Ice King explain.

Optional Rule: Wizard Vision

The first time you cast any spell that lets you see unseen things, it also gives you Wizard Vision.  This is a one-way road, and it is permanent.  Things that have been seen cannot be unseen.

The first time a wizard casts any sort of -sight or detect spell on himself, he gains Wizard Vision (except for detect magic, that one's safe).  Then, you have a choice to make.  You can accept the weird meta-reality that lurks behind our own, or you can reject it.

  • Reject: Lose 1d6 Wisdom as cognitive dissonance makes you loopy.
  • Accept: Lose 1d6 Charisma as impossible sights assail your humanity.

In exchange, you gain two new powers:

  • Can cast detect invisibility at will, and with a thought.
  • Know if another creature is a spellcaster or not by looking them in the eye.
Let's not talk about how balanced this is, and instead talk about how cool it is.

It explains why wizards are frequently crazy (-1d6 Wis) or a little alien (-1d6 Cha).
It explains why wizards are always seeing invisible heroes sneak into their room.
It explains why wizards can recognize each other, and allows for dramatic NPC introductions.

wizard eyes: not even once

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