Monday, April 6, 2015

Force Wizard

- One of your starting spells is always magic missile.
- Deflection field: +2 AC as long as you aren't wearing more than medium (+4 AC) armor.

- You cannot cast spells if you have more than 1 arm.  If you have more than 1 arm when you become a force wizard, your non-dominant arm boils off into the ether, painfully and permanently.  You are forever a one-armed organism.  If and when you learn the big hand, it takes the shape of your missing hand.

Spell List
1 Feather Fall
2 Floating Disk
3 Force Field
4 Knock
5 Launch
6 Levitation
7 Mage Armor
8 Mighty Blow
9 Magic Missile
10 Telekinesis

Legendary Spell -- The Big Hand

Spell Descriptions

Force Field
R: 10' T: plane or sphere D: concentration
Creates a shimmering force field, 10' square, centered up to 10' away.  Alternatively, create a sphere centered on the caster 5' in diameter (large enough for the caster and +1 person).  Force field has 3d8 HP.  All attacks against it hit.  Boost: +6d8 HP, +2 10' squares, or +5' diameter.

R: 50'  T: creature or object   D: 0
Target (not larger than a medium creature or 200 lb object) is thrown up to 30' in a horizontal direction.  Unwilling creatures get a save to resist this.  Targets thrown into a wall take 2d6 damage.  If a willing ally is prepared for it, this spell can be used to throw them into a charge attack (as if attacking from horseback).

The Big Hand
R: 50'  T: manifestation  D: concentration
Giant hand (the size of a pony) appears.  Treat it like a 3 HD creature with AC 10, Fly 15, and Str 16.  It can attack for 1d6+1 damage.  If damaged enough it discorporeates.  It can move and attack as directed within the spell range.  Boost: +2 HD and +2 damage.

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