Thursday, April 30, 2015

Five Riddles

Here are five riddles.  As usual, I am aping my betters.  They're meant to fill in for my One Page Dungeon.

It's owner could not eat their fill,
and so they abandoned it,
and flew weeping into the light.

I was born in in it,
I call these red walls home,
and devour it in the dark.

And when I have eaten my fill,
I will abandon it,
and fly laughing into the light.

(maggot on a corpse that died of starvation)

A bird with feathers, but no wings.
An engine with fuel, but no metal.
When they meet, one yields,
but this is the end of both of their arcs.

(arrow in a heart)

I am the enemy within.
All will join my cause,
and grow pure and clean and thin.


I am the destroying tree.
I do not grow, but spring forth full grown.
I do not give, but take away.
From my fruit, nothing grows.


Born of earth,
I bring the sky closer.
Fly from my crown,
and return to the earth forever.

(suicide from the top of a tower)

Answers are in white text below the riddle.  Highlight to reveal.


  1. Riddles that don't rhyme? Crazy talk!

    Just the first three with some tweaks:

    Flying with feathers but no wings,
    To an engine of no metal.
    The beating second no longer sings,
    When the first comes home to settle.
    - an arrow to the heart

    No longer feeding on life's full buffet,
    To the dust it was rejected.
    Others fled in tears; 'Glory long gone,'
    Was what they must have suspected.

    But I like it; it’s become my home,
    The red walls leave me protected.
    It tastes sweet too, after all, you know,
    I don't mind the term: infected.

    And now I'm done, hunger gorged,
    The last days of youth inspected.
    So now lift off to fuller days,
    Where more refuse can be genuflected.
    - maggot in a corpse

    I am the enemy strong within;
    All must join my cause.
    Shed the layers of what once was,
    And grow pure and clean and thin.
    - skeleton