Friday, April 17, 2015

Blessed Curses

Here are the six cursed blessings of Zaotan, bestowed only upon hated allies.

1. Blessing of Invincibility

Your current HP is 100.  You can no longer gain HP by any means.

2. Blessing of Flame Body

Your hair is a bonfire that sheds light as bright as a torch.  You deal 1d6 fire damage with a touch and ignite flammables.  You cannot hold, use, or carry anything that isn't metal: books burn up, and potions evaporate when they touch your lips.  So does all water, actually, and you will probably die from dehydration in a matter of days.

3. Blessing of Invisibility

Your flesh is truly invisible.  You are also blind, because no light touches your retinas.

4. Blessing of Peace

No one can ever willingly hurt you.  You can no longer willingly hurt another living thing.  Have fun being vegan.

5. Blessing of Freedom

No shackle can hold you.  No tentacle can grab you.  Nothing entangles your feet, and no web restrains you.  You fall straight through water as if it were air, and take full fall damage for hitting the bottom.  You still cannot breath water.

6. Blessing of Immortality

Whenever you would die, you best friend dies instead, and you survive with your HP at half the maximum.  If you have no friends, you die and are taken to a very special corner of hell.  In most cases, all of the other PCs count as friends.

Here are the six blessed cursed of Zaotan, bestowed only upon beloved enemies.

1. Curse of Half-Death

Your HP can never be higher than 1.  You are also immune to death via HP damage.  Whenever you would die, you instead fall to the ground and writhe in agony for 1d6 minutes as your body painfully knits itself back together.  Other things (magic, poison, suffocation) can still kill you normally.

2. Curse of the Forgotten

If they fail their save, everyone forgets you as soon as they stop looking at you.  People who have a reason to dislike or hate you get a +4 to this save.  People who have a reason to like or love you get a -4 penalty to this save.

3. Curse of Obedience

You must save or obey any command given to you.  If you have conflicting commands, you suffer insanity until they are resolved.  You are immune to charm and domination spells.

4. Curse of Insomnia

You cannot fall asleep.  You always lose initiative, and you are always surprised.  You only recover half of your normal spell slots with each night of rest.  You are immune to sleep spells, and you can see invisible undead.

5. Curse of the Wretched

Your back hunches and your visage twists.  Your become a pitiful caricature of yourself.  In social situations, you have an effective Charisma of 1, and you always fail when attempting to intimidate or impress someone.  Intelligent enemies will not attack you out of pity; they will only kill you if you get in their way or if you are the only one available to attack.

6. Curse of the Sky Hunted

You are despised by lightning and clouds.  Rainclouds will follow you wherever you go, and there is a 50% chance that it will rain each day where you are, even if you are in the desert.  Whenever a lightning bolt strikes from any source (either from cloud or from a wizard), it will redirect itself to strike you.  Assume that 25% of rain storms and 100% of thunderstorms are capable of producing lightning bolts, and that the storms will save the lightning bolts for you.  Rain clouds are boundless in their hatred but limited in their resources, and you can elude them for 1d20 days by traveling a long distance underground or with a swift horse travelling against the wind.  If word gets out, you will be assailed by peasants begging you to bring water to their drought-ridden state of California.

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  1. Blessing 5 might cause problems wearing anything with fasteners - buckles, buttons, knots.