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My wizards belong to specific schools. They can still learn any spell, but their school gives them some unique twists. They begin with 2 random spells from their chosen school, and they can combine any two scrolls to make a scroll containing a random spell from their school, or a random unlearned spell from their school.

Each school of wizardry has a perk and a drawback.

Each school of wizardry has a few cantrips. These are minor, non-combat spells that the wizard can use at will.

Each school of wizardry has a legendary spell (or spells) that they all quest for. Their personal holy grail, so to speak. These spells will not be learned automatically, but only at the end of a quest or particular dungeon.



When you drink a potion, you gain the effects as normal. Then, you have a 50% chance to be able to recycle the potion, and will excrete the potion through whatever orifice you prefer, good as new. You have 10 minutes to excrete the potion.


Whenever you receive magical healing, you have a 1-in-6 chance to gain a mutation. The regeneration spell doesn't trigger this.

  • Put slight muscles in a plant for a few minutes. This doesn't let them uproot themselves or make attacks. Most plants will use this opportunity to wiggle happily or reach toward the sun.
  • Temporary, cosmetic changes to animals, such as changing the color or shape of a body part. This has no mechanical effect, and lasts a couple of hours.  Each creature can only have one such cosmetic change.
  • If you wish, your appearance will no longer age. Once you activate this, you will always look the same age.

Spell List
  1. Acid Arrow
  2. Alter Self
  3. Animate Potion
  4. Extract Venom
  5. Hide From Ooze
  6. Infantilize
  7. Monsterize
  8. Mutate
  9. Regeneration
  10. Spider Climb
Legendary Spell: Control Ooze

Acid Arrow
R: 50' T: creature D: 0 rnd
Target takes 1d6 damage. Unless they spend a turn washing it off, they take another 1d4 damage over the next 2 turns. Boost: +2d6 initial damage, +2d4 damage on subsequent rounds.

Animate Potion
R: touch T: potion or liquid D: 2 hr
You turn a potion into an obedient homunculus (HD 0). It is tiny (1' tall) and feeble (Str 1), but it can go where you direct and even bring you small items, such as keys. The potion can be delivered by touch or by “drinking” the homunculus. Despite the name, this spell works on any liquid except water.

Extract Venom
R: touch T: creature D: 0
You pierce a creature with a sharp object and draw all of the venom out, which then pools in your hand or a vial. If you use this to remove the poison from a poisoned creature, that creature gets a new save with a +4 bonus (but this spell doesn't automatically cure them). You can also use this to draw all of the poison out of a venomous creature. Unwilling venomous creatures get a save. Note that this spell doesn't work on all poisons, just venoms (organic, mechanically delivered poisons, usually from things with fangs or stingers).  Most biomancers keep on of their fingernails razor sharp for this purpose.

R: touch T: creature D: 10 min
Target saves or becomes an adorable child version of itself. Creatures lose 1 HD (-4 max HP, -1 to hit, -1 to save). Player characters have their Strength dropped to 5 (unless it was already lower). The target is now so adorable that all who see it must make a save the first time they try to harm it. If they fail this save, they hesitate, wasting their action.

R: touch T: creature D: 10 min
Target saves or becomes a horrible monster version of itself. Monsters get +1 HD (+4 max HP, +1 to hit, +1 to save). Player characters have their Strength raised to 15 (unless it was already higher). The target also flies into a rage, and becomes incapable of tactics, kindness, or retreat, even if urged by friends.

R: touch T: creature D: permanent
Target saves or gains a random mutation. If the creature chooses to fail its save, roll two random mutations, and the caster chooses which one is gained.

R: touch T: creature D: 2 hr
Target regenerates 1 HP every 10 minutes. If a unicorn horn or green troll heart is consumed during the casting, the recipient also regrows all missing limbs and body parts.

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