Friday, January 30, 2015

Arrows of Zao

I wrote about the Huntresses of Zao here.

Each hunting party will have a leader.  The leader will have 1d6-2 (min 0) magic arrows with her.  50% all same type, 50% all different.

Back home, inventing magic arrows is a favorite past time.  Huntresses trade them like baseball cards, and prize them highly.

plus poisonous bite
plus bird that lives in their imagination
plus they ride giant weasels and shit
  1. Fire Arrow.  Ignites when nocked.
  2. Headless Arrows.  Deal damage as if they were magic, but only damage things that require magic arrows to be hit.
  3. Rose Arrow.  Charm effect on the target (remember -2 penalty for combat).  Faeries of fond of them.  Red fletching, green wood.  Turns into a rose upon a hit.
  4. Arson Arrow.  Ignites when nocked.  Splashes a small amount of lamp oil on a hit, so it just doesn't do extra fire damage, it also makes sure that you're on fire.
  5. Loyal Arrows.  Can steer this arrow with whistling.  Among other things, the first time this arrow misses, you can whistle to make a second attack roll.
  6. Armada Arrow.  When fired, splits into 6 different arrows.  Make 6 different attack rolls, each with a -2 penalty.
  7. Exploding Arrow.  Explodes with a 5d6 fireball wherever it hits.
  8. Messenger Arrow.  Whisper a message into the fletching.  Whatever is struck receives the message in their mind.
  9. Twin Soul Arrow.  Splits into two arrows when fired: one mundane arrow and one incorporeal arrow.
  10. Smoke Arrow.  Disintegrate after striking, leaving no evidence.  All who witness the arrow must then save or forget that they ever saw it.
  11. Rat Arrow.  Actually a mutated rat, not an arrow.  On a hit, begins gnawing the target for 1d3 damage per turn until the target spends an action yanking it out.
  12. Gregarious Arrow.  Can automatically hit any location where another gregarious arrow is lodged.
  13. Phantom Zone Arrow.  A target hit by this arrow is removed from the universe for 1d6 rounds.
  14. Snake Arrow!  It's a snake.  It bites.  It's poisonous.  Even works if the target catches the arrow!
  15. Frog Crotch Arrow.  Never misses a rope.  Does double damage to amphibians.
  16. Humanbane Arrow.  Double damage against humans.  If it kills a king or leader, their castle will fall down.
  17. Bird Arrow.  Imitates a birdcall of your choice when fired.  It it hits a bird, it will painlessly remove feathers from the bird, suitable for use as fletching.
  18. Coffin Nail Arrow.  Ignores armor.  Can pin small targets to the wall if they fail a Con check.
  19. Silver Arrow.  It's made of silver.
  20. Cloud Arrow.  Creates 20' diameter cloud on impact.
  21. Shadow Arrow.  Must be fired at target's shadow.  Deals 1d6 Charisma damage and immobilizes target (pins their shadow to the floor) until the arrow is removed.
  22. Light Arrows.  Create a light effect where they hit.
  23. Sun Arrows.  Create a daylight effect where they hit.  If fired into the sun (AC as unarmored) the ambient light will increase in the area, as the sun shines brighter.  If fired into the moon, the moon will shine as bright as the sun for 10 minutes.  (The effect is only local, say within a 1 mile diameter.)
  24. Grappling Hook Arrow.  On a hit, conjures a rope, one end looped around your bow hand, and the arrow turns into a grappling hook lodged into whatever you hit. Yes, you get to keep the rope.
  25. Talking Arrow.  Roll up a personality like a hireling.  Knows lots of interesting things.  Wants to be fired.
  26. Ice Arrows.  Can extinguish a torch simply by passing near it, or hitting the person carrying it.  Sometimes used by drow or gretches.
  27. Infinity Arrow.  No range penalty.  Must still have line of sight.  Length of arrow seems to change each time you measure it.
  28. Holy Arrows.  Create a light effect where they hit and deal double damage to undead + demons.
  29. Deathstroke Arrows.  Does normal arrow damage.   If the target has 2d6 or less HP afterwards, it dies.
  30. Screeching Arrows.  Screeches like a rutting harpy when fired.
  31. Banshee Arrows.  Shrieks when fired.  All in a 50' cone in front of arrow subject to fear (as spell).
  32. King of Arrows.  Once fired, any normal arrow that passes within 10' will change course in order to land beside the king of arrows.
  33. Secret Giant Arrow.  Doubles in size once fired in order to deal 2d6 damage.
  34. Arrows of the Infernal Instructor.  If this arrow kills a target, you gain 100 XP.  If it misses the target, you lose 50 XP, you memories drained away to feed the Abyss.
  35. Traveller's Arrow.  After firing this arrow, you teleport to the nearest safe spot adjacent to where the arrow landed.
  36. Acorn Arrow.  If buried in the ground, will grow into an oak tree overnight, and produce enough acorns to feed 1d6 people.  Requires baking or grinding.  If shot into a treant, it must save or turn into a mundane tree.
  37. Bully Arrow.  Hits hard enough to shove an orc 20' back.
  38. Black Arrow.  Does normal arrow damage +1 per target's HD.
  39. White Arrow.  Denatures any natural poison the target has inside its body (making poisonous snakes non-poisonous).  If stabbed into someone's chest (1d6 damage) like in Pulp Fiction, it'll cure any poison they are suffering from.
  40. Eagle Arrow.  Turns into an eagle mid-flight and attacks the target.  Stats as eagle.  Lasts 1 min.
  41. Slaying Arrow.  Does double damage against (d6): 1 - dragons, 2 - demons, 3 - undead, 4 - fey, 5 - beasts, 6 - orcs.
  42. Chicken Arrow.  White-fletched.  Target must save or flee in fear.  If you sit on one for a full minute, it'll turn into a white chicken.
  43. Evil-seeking Arrow.  Flies unerringly towards the most evil creature within range.
  44. Gravity Arrow.  When embedded in a creature, that creature is affected as if the gravity were +50% stronger.  Enough to slow them down -25%, but multiple arrows stack.
  45. Wind Arrow.  When fired, the wind will blow in that direction for 10 minutes.  Other arrows get -2 to hit in this wind.  Wind arrows are not affected by wind.
  46. Immovable Arrows.  On a hit, target must save or be immobilized for 1d6 rounds.  As immovable rod, except it affects the target's center of mass.
  47. Blood Arrows.  On a hit, this arrow converts some of the target's blood into a new arrow, giving birth.  Basically, for every arrow that hits an opponent, you can recover 2 arrows after combat.  As soon as you roll a 1, all blood arrows in a "family" melt into sticky blood.
  48. Queen of Arrows.  On a hit, target must save or be unable to use any type of projectile weapons.  Basically, nothing that requires a ranged attack roll.  Lasts 10 minutes.
  49. Phase Arrows.  Arrows pass through everything except flesh and bows.  Ignore all walls, cover, and armor (except armor that is part of the creature, like scales, since those count as flesh.)
  50. Skydoom Arrows.  When fired straight up (requires no ceiling within 200'), a rain of arrows will fall, making 2 attack rolls against all creatures within 200' of the shooter.  Each arrow is +5 to hit and does 1d6 damage.  If fired into the moon, there are 3 attack rolls per creature instead.  If fired into the sun, the arrows are fire arrows, and each does an additional +1d6 fire damage.
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