Saturday, January 3, 2015

Random Fishmen and Prisoners

Still working on the Abominable Island, after writing its random encounter tables last time.


  1. Warbool
  2. Findrek
  3. Scalna
  4. Possick
  5. Glurb
  6. Frogadee
  7. Pondrule
  8. Shasma
  9. Glop
  10. Valligog
  11. Scasnigule
  12. Burgifloog
  1. Lionfish
  2. Blobfish
  3. Anglerfish
  4. Tuna
  5. Barracuda
  6. Shark (25% hammerhead)
  7. Oranda Goldfish
  8. Flounder
  9. Sheepshead Wrasse
  10. Squirrelfish
  11. Pufferfish
  12. Sea Horse
  1. To eat tasty food, especially meat pies.
  2. To learn the culture of the man-things.
  3. To steal secrets and hide them in waves and in coral.
  4. To become royalty by eating royalty.
  5. To create powerful, loyal offspring.  Will be accompanied by 1 offspring.
  6. To destroy art, especially artistic treasures and famous works.
  7. To prove the superiority of fishmen in all things.
  8. Murder!  Pillage!  Glory!
  9. To torment and children, and demean them.
  10. To find a secret spot and give birth there.
  11. To discover secrets for the King of Fishes.
  12. To enslave all humans and take over the world.  (This may require a humble start, such as getting one human to agree to be your slave.)
Mutant Fishmen

  1. Glarg!
  2. Flurkgle!
  3. Golugg!
  4. Glogg!
  5. Ftaaghn!
  6. Ngwek!
  7. Kaugh!
  8. Chublable!
  9. Flaugh!
  10. Urm!
  11. Yogyaghk!
  12. Blaugh!
Base Appearnce

(as normal fishmen)

Ancestral Back-mutation
50% chance of all mutants in a group having the same mutation(s).
50% chance that you should ignore this table and instead roll on your favorite mutation table.
  1. Pharyngeal jaw (mouth inside the mouth, like in Alien).  No bonus except to maybe surprise attacks.
  2. Acid spit
  3. +1d6 extra limbs, if +4 limbs or more: can climb like a spider
  4. Fused together (all fishmen share HP and will die simultaneously, movement may be severely hampered, one mutant may have to eat for all the rest a la human centipede, etc)
  5. Luminescent, explode in flash of light when killed + save or be blind 1d6 rounds
  6. Chameleon Skin
  7. Translucent except for eyes, bones, and guts.
  8. Carries 1d8 babies on back/pouch, each has 1 hp and +0 to hit (1 dmg).
  9. Can swallow you whole, even though it's not larger than you.
  10. Can burrow into soil and sand.  Eyes peek out, but is immobile.
  11. Shocking touch.  Also has blindsense 30'.
  12. Freakishly huge.  2x height and HP, 0.5x Intelligence.
  13. Eyes shine like bullseye lanterns, even up to 1d6 hours after removal.
  14. Can spray sticky eggs or semen (50% chance of each).  15' cone.  Usable once.
  15. Will convincingly play dead after taking any HP damage.
  16. Boneless body can squeeze through small gaps, under doors.
  17. Capable of leaping 30' horizontal.  Charge attack does +1d6 damage.
  18. Hard carapace.  +4 AC.  Crab claws deal 1d8 damage.
  19. Hallucinogenic venom.  Bite attack causes hallucinations for 1d6 turns.
  20. Madness.  This mutant behaves irrationally.  Additionally, meeting their stare (treat as a gaze attack) causes the PC to gain an insanity point.

All mutants have the same two objectives:
  1. Keep the Abominable Island clean, quiet, and beautiful.
  2. Bring livers to the Egg.  (It needs iron and vitamin A to revive!)


  1. Taffy Shortshanks
  2. Sappik the Bug
  3. Florentine
  4. Toff
  5. Garrondack
  6. Toothsome George
  7. Hambone
  8. Grandma Gobber
  9. Grinny the Pig
  10. Shovelhead
  11. Morgum Rineheart
  12. Steely the Butcher
Notable Feature
  1. Shitty glass eye
  2. Knife embedded in skull, too painful to remove
  3. No nose
  4. Rotten breath
  5. Covered in tattoos
  6. Missing a hand
  7. Smoker, has hidden cigarettes
  8. Strangely literate and well-spoken
  9. Insane, nervous, always slapping at flies that only he sees
  10. Can cast a level 1 spell and is quick to show it off
  11. Compulsively insulting, even when he likes you
  12. Weeps and snivels, will cling to most charismatic or trusting PC

Will crack after 1d6 scenes/rooms/turns.  If you roll a 6, this particular prisoner will remain sane.  Can be calmed down, but will crack again after another 1d6 turns (with 6 again signifying long-term stability).

Incipient Madness
  1. Homicidal
  2. Run and Hide
  3. Uncontrollable Screaming
  4. Kleptomania
  5. Autocannibalism
  6. Retreat into a more pleasant fantasy (e.g. "I'm not in a dungeon, I'm having cookies with mum. Pass the tea, would you?")
  1. Meet up with lost friend, then escape this shit hole.
  2. Find a good weapon, then escape this shit hole.
  3. Get a good disguise, then escape this shit hole.
  4. Build a home in this shit hole and never leave.
  5. Theft, murder, and rapine.
  6. Seek the Egg and taste it.

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