Friday, January 10, 2014

What the hell is wrong with this tavern?

  1. Sound of a baby's crying coming from the latrine.
  2. Sleepwalking epidemic among guests. Psychic domination or just bad food?
  3. You are being robbed/spied upon by an animal. (dog/bird/monkey/cat).
  4. Strong, odious affiliation. (50% guild-based, 50% religious).
  5. Carnivorous beds.
  6. Proprietors are lycanthropes. (Were-wolves, -boars, -rats, -pumas, -bears, -centipedes, etc).
  7. Food/booze is addictive.
  8. Fake looking ghosts! Real or just someone trying to put Old Man Jenkins out of business?
  9. Cook is mass murderer. Destroys evidence by feeding it to customers.
  10. There are royal cannibals in the basement.
  11. There's a tiny person in your soup. (50% dead, 50% begging for help.)
  12. Someone has been in your room while you slept. (50% stole something, 50% added something.)
  13. Oblivious guest is slowly transforming into demon over course of evening.
  14. Rats in the walls! And maybe more than rats.
  15. Loose floorboard in room conceals treasure, cryptic note, and intrigue.
  16. Everyone starts vomiting at once, then stops. No one seems to think this is unusual.
  17. Proprietor seems 10 lbs smaller/fatter whenever the PCs see him (even if 5 min apart).
  18. Overbooked. Share a room with a berserker/nun/scribe/cultist. Figure it out.
  19. Overnight, you witness an man float down the hall and vanish into the fireplace.
  20. Out of booze! Desperation is setting in, and the situation is growing dire.

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