Friday, November 14, 2014

Where Vampires.Come From

Vampirism is, first and foremost, a dietary restriction and dangerous allergy.

"Newborn" vampires are often disappointed to find that all they've gained is a set of weaknesses and a certain callousness. Magical powers and nigh immortality come later.

Young vampires often become murderers, and as they drink more human blood, even the most reticent and meek vampires quickly become arrogant psychopaths.

Or, vampires band together and take up brigandage. Vampires make the most stylish bandits.

Or, most commonly, vampires gather near the front of churches, where they beg for bloody alms. The nation of Noth has had an epidemic of vampires, recently. It is difficult to enter the church without hearing cries of, "Open your wrists, kind pilgrim! Just a drop! A drop for a dead man!"

Elder vampires are believed to have been eradicated by the vigorous purge campaigns of the Church's witch hunters.  The only known remaining elder vampire is St. Cascarrion, the leader of the Third Lantern and the Church's witch hunters.  The Grim Saint spends most of his time sleeping, awaiting a summons from the Patriarch.

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