Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The GLOG: Character Creation

So I have my fantasy heartbreaker: The GLOG.

I've put some stuff for it before, but nothing that really documented the character creation process.  So this is that document.  It has four different methods of character generation, each suited for a different purpose, and all similar enough that characters generated via different methods can play beside each other.  One fast, one faster, one for level-0 funnels, and one very slow and detailed.

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But you don't care about my fantasy heartbreaker.  You just want to know what's in it for you.  Well, it has:

  • A d100 table of professions and equipment suitable for level 0 funnel characters.  (There are many like it, but this one is mine.)
  • Random Bonds between starting characters, complete with mechanical effects.  An updated version of this.
  • Random personalities, goals, and original reason for adventurin' (suitable for NPCs).  Pretty boring stuff, honestly.
  • An updated version of my 3d6 Lifepath Generator, expanded and improved.  (The old one kind of sucked.)
Total length: 24 pages.  

Get it HERE.

It's suitable for all games that generate stats with 4d4.

If your game uses the inferior 3d6 method to generate stats, you can get your filthy version HERE.



  1. I like it! In particular the life path generation seems to be a lot of fun, did you ever test it? Because I'm pretty sure the maths needs some tuning there!

    1. I've both tested it and done the math. Which parts need tuning?

  2. Let me articulate, I think that it will produce an ability scores distribution different from the 4d4 method you employ, which BTW you convinced me it's a valid alternative to the "classic" 3d6. In particular, it smells of higher variance and fatter tails. Did you test it numerically or did you "just" make some a priori estimates? Anyway, today is national holiday here in Italy and if I find time I'll try putting it on excel and get some data! Thanks for the reply!

    1. BTW I'm the guy that wrote the comment above

    2. Well, childhood starts with everything as 1-4, pretty much mimicking 1d4. The 2d4 later on also works.

      What I have seen (on my 2 tries of it), is that it does give slightly higher variance (all previous characters I've made with this system had maybe 1 +1 stat and 1 -1 stat, but more usually just a single -1 stat). This one had 2 -1 stats, and a +1 stat.

      It also should be remembered, that with this method you do not get the option to switch around or re-roll ability scores. That may be why it has a higher variance.

      Take everything I say with a grain of salt by the way, I'm not the designer. :)