Monday, August 10, 2015

Thungrum (Elephant Ogres)

Illustrated by the excellent +Luka Rejec
What panache!  (Both artist and art.)
HD 6 AC plate Claws 1d12/1d12
Move 18 Int 8 Mor 8

Incredible Leaping Ability - 40' standing horizontal, 20' vertical.

Void Adapted - Can survive happily in a vacuum.  Can hold breath for 2 hours.

Maim - Any slashing attack that does at least 6 points of damage severs a random limb.  If this is an arm, it loses one of its attacks.  If it is a leg, it's speed is cut in half.  This provokes a morale check.  Severed limbs can be re-attached in a single round, but are not regenerated.

Wants to kill people, organize items, and wear hats.

Fights by intelligently but extremely aggressively, tearing off arms, breaking jaws in half with both hands.

They look like blue-skinned ogres with deformed, vaguely-elephantine heads.  They behave as beasts, except that they wear clothing.  They are fond of wide-brimmed hats and long cloaks.  They are vegetarians.

They live in caves, thickets, and abandoned places.  They do not use weapons.  They do not speak or respond to speech.  They ignore animals, but kill every sentient creature they come across, and bury them in straight lines after stripping them all all equipment and clothing.

Each thungrum keeps an inventoried hoard of stolen items, always immaculately organized.  Items are sorted by size, color, and purpose.  They are deaf, but have a keen sense of smell.  They have good eyesight, but do not close their red-rimmed eyes until they are dead.

Ogres know and fear them.

The Madness of the Thungrum (roll when first encountered) [d10]
1. Elaborate pantomime of surprise before attacking.
2. Will keep its distance, throwing pebbles.  It will attack one round later.
3. Will charge through the party before returning 2 rounds later to attack.
4. Appears in front of the party to stare at them.  Prepares an action to leap at and attack the first person to do anything at all.
5. Attempts to join the party, usually walking at the end of the column.  Attacks as as soon as it is noticed.
6. Surprise attack!  Sudden, horrible death.
7. Party is unnoticed.  Thungrum is staring at the sun.
8. Party is unnoticed.  Thungrum is lying on the bottom of a stream, breathing through its long nose.
9. Party is unnoticed.  Thungrum is in its lair, noisily arranging its collection.
10. Party is unnoticed.  Thungrum is burying people it has killed, kissing each one.

Hoard of the Thungrum (roll 1d6 twice, then 1d20 twice)
1. 2d6 pairs of shoes, each worth 5gp.
2. 1d6 chests of silverware, each worth 20gp
3. 1d20 fancy hats, each worth 10gp.
4. 1d6 suits of medium armor, each one different and worth 50gp.
5. 1d6 barrels of trade goods.  Beer, silk, or spices.  Each worth 50gp.
6. 1d100 copper coins, 1d100 silver coins, and 1d100 gold coins.
7. Suit of ceremonial platemail with a rooster theme.
8. An entire wagon, entirely dismantled and sorted by size.
9. 1d1000 golden coins arranged by condition.
10. A spellbook with 1d4+1 spells, each page unbound and framed.
11. 2d6 books, arranged by color.
12. A full set of furniture (bed, table, sink, bath tub) adorns the cave.
13. 2d6 half-feral cats.
14. 2d6 weapons, arranged by color.  5-in-6 one is masterwork, 1-in-6 it is magic instead.
15. 2d6 paintings.  (Note to self: write a painting generator.)
16. 2d6 women's dresses, arranged by length.
17. In dozens of alcoves, the sorted pieces of a dozen clocks.
18. 3d6 differently colored liquids, each in a vial.  1 is poison, 1d6 are potions.
19. laser pistol (3d6 damage, 1d6 charges left)
20. 2d6 cloaks, 1-in-6 that one of them is a Cloak of the Thungur (huge leaps, but you are unable to do any action except attack something directly or remove the cloak)

DM Secret: Thungrum are ogroids engineered for space combat.  When they arrive on Centerra (by one method or another) the nitrogen-rich atmosphere drives them insane.  Somewhere in the back of each Thungrum's brain, there is an intelligent, noble warrior struggling to communicate.

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