Wednesday, July 9, 2014



This is my entry into +Joey Lindsey's contest over at, whereby normally decent people smash our forebrains into each other until one of us is decided to be the most good brain, this time.

I wrote it because I ran it, but I forgot that the difference between "good enough to run a session" and "good enough to show people on the internet" is about 6 hours of work.

And also I really want that Doom Cave module from Free RPG Day.  It'd look so cute next to my Better Than Any Man, I just know it.  I guess I'm curious about what's inside it, but cuteness is a factor, too.


The top half is sort of boring unless you're interested in bath houses, but hopefully the PCs will be bopping around and scheming about how to kill a naked, soapy wizard, so maybe that's okay.

The stuff in the basement is more like the dungeons you know and love.  There's a few high HD enemies down here, but I figure lower level parties can just run away and higher HD parties will have an option to kill them.


  1. Oh my LAWD you good at adventurizing. Do you do this for a living?

  2. Ran this last night for my group as a one shot while the DM was away. It was fantastic mess.

    Their assassination attempt involved a deadly black market water snake smuggled in via the well and the Naiad whom they had made contact with during the day of prep.

    When that went to shit they had some near-do-well youths ready to bust in and cause a distraction. During the confusion they broke in the door and went for the wizard with some hirelings they had met the night before drinking at Zotzo's.

    It ended with the berzerk golem crashing straight through the walls of the bath house while the party played keepaway with the wizards severed head.


    1. This makes me so happy.

      I've run this adventure twice and have yet to see it go off without a hitch.

    2. Quick question (if you still exist, that is, it's 2017 and all) how long did that whole thing take?

    3. I exist! Although probably far too late to answer your question usefully. I actually ran this for the fourth time a few months back, it's become my go to for introducing people to D&D.

      I ran it as a one shot and it took a comfortable 3-4 hours for three groups and almost 5 hours for a more engaged group.

      I always plop the characters down the at sunset the night before and say they have 8 hours to prepare for the wizards arrival which usually leads to them pulling an all nigher, going to the brothel, and trying to break in to boobytrap/scout the bath house.

      Last time I played they threw a party at the brothel and forgot completely about the wizard until the last minute. He slipped away (literally) butt ass naked but alive and swearing revenge as the cops closed in on the fiasco. Only two of the five made it out I think.