Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Hand of Dominion

I wrote an adventure.

I'm not going to playtest it, or edit it into infinity.  Whenever I do those things, I end up never posting it.


I'm just going to post it.


It's a linear 7-room dungeon magic sword in the last room.  Whoever has the sword is the rightful ruler of the world (supposedly).  But more immediately, everyone who sees the sword wants to (a) claim it, or (b) serve the wielder, if the first option isn't possible.

Of course, that means that the real adventure starts when you leave the dungeon.

I'm honestly super curious about how different parties will react to getting the sword.

Funfact: most of this dungeon is pacifistic.  It will try hard not to kill you.


  1. I love the warbull's name.

    Also: yes, this would be a campaign changer. Nicely done!

  2. I'm stealing the crowdsurfing zombie pit.

  3. I hope you do more impulse posts like this.