Thursday, April 16, 2020

Galleries of the Ghouls

Working on part 2 of Lair of the Lamb.  The map is done-ish and the room notes are finally coherent.  I think the 6 pink rooms are going to get cut, because this dungeon doesn't need a golem. 

It looks like this.


  1. Nice. Oh, I should mention (especially for passersby) that I'm working on a copy of this in gridmapper, for anyone who finds the original layout a bit hard to work with.

    Once the second half of "Lair" is done, I'll go ahead and make the final version.

    I'm really looking forward to using this dungeon to introduce some friends to the GLOG.'s_Lair_of_the_Lamb

  2. Was just reading Lair of the Lamb last night, it sounds great!

    Two questions for this update.

    1) What do you make the map in? It's straightforward and efficient, looks good.

    2) Are rooms 24A-24C missing? Maybe I just can't find them, but the little Xs in front of 42 Sunken Gallery point to them and I think I'm missing something.

    1. 1) I use GIMP. I've slowly gotten better at making maps on it.

      2) There are multiple layers in the image. You can't see some of the lower-level rooms.

    2. Ah groovy! That's a good looking gimp map! I am glad that I'm not losing my mind not seeing those rooms, too. I guess falling through to a lower layer is something I should have realized.

  3. Posting for encouragement; I very much enjoyed the first part.