Monday, March 30, 2020

Updated Bestiary

The bestiary has been updated.  There's now about 351 entries on it.  That's a lot of monsters. 

Check it out

Looking back at a lot of my old posts, most of them still hold up.

My very first post was the Tumble Melon Tree.  I wrote it in 2012. I had forgotten that it had poop in it, which creates a link to newer posts like the Goblin Filthomancer.  (I guess I haven't changed much.)

The creatures I'm more proud of, though, are the interesting-concept ones like the macrology or the interesting-mechanic ones like the flying eyeball.

How hard is it to introduce a search function for a database on Blogger?  Asking for a friend.

Note: Not a Patreon post.


  1. I can do it! Or at least I did it at one point, last summer? I don't know, time is an illusion. But I can probably figure it out again hmu.

  2. I reblogged that Melon post on G+!! I created youuuu!!!!

    1. Soon you will be replaced! But yeah, you and Scrap are basically my parents. Try not to think about it too much.