Friday, February 2, 2024

Dungeon: Castle of the Gribblies

 I've been reading some of Jennell Jaquays' old stuff, like Night of the Walking Wet.  

It's very good, but it's also horribly formatted, as if layout was performed with scissors and glue.  (Because it was.  It was written for a zine in the 70's.)  

It's actually very inspiring, because I too often avoid posting adventures that are kinda choppy or ugly.  I've probably written about 3 that have never seen the light of day.  So thanks, Jennell, for multiple reasons.

Anyway, I wrote a dungeon and now I'm going to post it without any playtesting and only minimal editing.  Hope you like it!


I also updated the hexcrawling rules from last time.  It's mostly just re-organizing, although I did add a 3 new hexes for the Gribblywood.

>>> HEXCRAWLING v3 <<<

If I ever do a hexcrawl, I'll probably want it to be 48 hexes at least.  By that metric, I'm already 15% done.


  1. Let's goooooo so ready for some new hexes

  2. I am confused about the doors thing. The demon won't pay the dwarves because the doors aren't done, but it seemed like all the rooms had doors installed.

    1. It would seem the central premise breaks down, or are we missing something?

  3. GoblinP freezes comments whenever he gets one that poses a pertinent point or question? Or to hide an inconvenient reply?

  4. So hyped to use some of the ideas in your hex crawling rules along with the d30 sandbox companion. Awesome work thanks for sharing!

  5. Great adventure site! Hope you don't mind me yoinking this for my home game. This reads like it'll be very easy to splice into a larger world. Much like the Dwarven trap dungeon you were working on last year, or the mushroom gardens. Easy to riff off descriptions, NPCs with one clear thing to help the DM portray them, classic concepts with a fresh twist. Thanks for all of it!