Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The Dwarf in the Glass

There was once a dream called the Charcuterie Board.  A GLOG zine, it was a messy heap of delights, like a squirrel nest in a candy store.  

There were plans for a sequel, and so Phlox and I co-wrote a dungeon, intending to make it part of the Char2terie Board.  But alas, it was not to be.

So it is with sadness that we admit that our malformed child will never enjoy the fate for which he was designed, but it is with joy and pride that we present the creature to you today.

from Dwarf Fortress

It's a mirror dungeon, based on one of Dyson Logos' maps.  Phlox and I each wrote one side of the mirror.  (Phlox's post is here.)

It's called The Dwarf in the Glass and you can read it if you click


Note: not a paid Patreon post.


  1. Not one comment? We gave you talking mouse swordswomen and magical demonic suplexes, and no comments?

    I'll have to up my game, but I don't know if we can do better tham magical demonic suplex powers.

  2. I think you, Tarn & Zach Adams, and Patrick Stuart are the best writers on dwarves.

    There's a lot of great stuff here. It's shocking that beards are a thing that can be inflicted on someone. The hostages in big, creepy stuffed animals suits is a thing. I imagine most parties will find out after a fight that they made a big mistake. The gym routine hellish enough to count as a cardinal sin was another highlight. :)

    Can dwarves dream? Yours apparently do. The dvargir supposedly can't. Maybe some heretical sects/offshoots/lost-expeditions did some fleshmining or otherwise self-modified to add a dream organ at some point? Or maybe they develop the ability after the 'pointless miracle' occurs over enough time?