Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Isles of the Dead: Twine Edition

Remember when I entered the One-Page Dungeon Contest with a dungeon that was meant to be run after a TPK?

A fellow named David Sky has made it into a Twine game.  You can play it 

It's pretty great except you don't get to tease Hans and as far as I can tell, there's no way to get stuck in hell as a crow.  The tower is fun.

Also this reminds me of a thing that Dunkey made once that was also doubleplusgood.  I meant to link to it at some point, but forgot.  Sorry, Dunkey(s).

(This is not a Patreon post, as I did 0% of the work.)


  1. Ah man. Hell yeah. This rules.

    I always wanted to put my players through this but I never got a TPK.

  2. Don't read if you haven't already played it:

    It was fun, but there weren't that many options, and i felt more like I was going mad when I wasn't in the tower. once I completed my 999 years, I went back to the line only to find that I was already supposed to go into the gate for heaven.