Monday, December 13, 2021

New Class: Slayers

There's a few different ways to become a Slayer.

One way is to cut out your own eye, put in in the hand of Zotzi the Slayer, and tell her that you want to train under her.

"Holy shit," she says, laughing.  "I didn't actually think you'd do it.  When do you want to start, idiot?."

Another way is to join the Doomblades or to pry a doomblade from the bloodyfist of a Doomblade that you defeated in single combat.  (The two actions are equivalent.)

A third way is to get your hands on a chainsaw or two.

Baiken, from Guilty Gear

This is a GLOG class, cut from the same cloth as Goblin Guts v2.

Prime Kill Count

A         Murder

B         Taste Blood, Speak with Scavenger

C         Cleave

D         Blood Offering


Instead of a regular attack, you make two melee attacks against your target and they make one melee attack against you.  All three of these attacks are resolved simultaneously.

Taste Blood

After tasting fresh blood, you learn the creature’s physical weaknesses and can track them like a bloodhound.  After hitting someone with a bladed weapon, you can lick blood off your sword as a free action.

If you have all 4 Slayer templates, you can even learn their psychological weaknesses as well. (As a result, getting punched in the mouth tends to make you a bit philosophical.)

Speak with Scavenger

You can also speak with scavengers: hyenas, vultures, crows, komodo dragons.


Whenever you get a melee killing blow on a challenging foe, you can make another melee attack.

Blood Offering

Whenever you get the killing blow on a creature, you immediately heal 1d6 for every 2 Levels of the creature killed.  If the creature had any special abilities, the doomblade absorbs the ability, and is able to cast the ability once.

Prime Ability: Kill Count

Whenever you get the killing blow on a challenging foe, you gain EXP (Execution Points) equal to its level.  The more EXP you get, the better you can survive the furious exchanges of violence that punctuate your daily life. Whenever you kill something, make a note of it in your legendarium under a new section titled THE WEAK AND UNWORTHY alongside it's EXP.

Whenever you kill something in a 1-vs-1 duel, you get twice as much EXP as normal, and you get to put a little "W" next to its entry in THE WEAK AND UNWORTHY.

If you ever die from damage incurred during the use of your Murder ability, you have a chance to survive.  The round after you die, roll a d6.  If you are lucky, you wake back up.  You’re missing another tooth and there is so much blood in your eyes that you can barely see.  You have half of your HP back.  You love this shit.

Whenever this ability triggers, you are able to stand up and move in the same turn as long as you make a melee attack against something at the end of it.

13 EXP     1-in-6 Chance

37 EXP     2-in-6 Chance

111 EXP     3-in-6 Chance

222 EXP     4-in-6 Chance

666 EXP     5-in-6 Chance

2000 EXP Always triggers.

Slayer Party - Killing Spree

If you get into another challenging combat again within 30 minutes after the previous challenging combat, everyone heals to full and gets +1 to hit and damage.  This bonus to hit and damage increases by 1 each time that it is chained.  (If you go 30 minutes without combat, this bonus resets.)

Slayer Game - Speedrun

When only half of your party shows up for today’s session, you can attempt a speedrun of a previously completed dungeon.  The DM will show them the map (but no other features of the dungeon), and the party can start with 3 scrolls of their choice, and as much basic adventuring gear as they want.  Every single inventory item that they walk into the dungeon with will add 5 minutes to their final game time.  Treasures/Allies level up two people instead of one.

The dungeon is reset, and the goal is to complete the dungeon as fast as possible, both in-game time and IRL time.

If your DM wants to allow quicksaving before you jump into a boss room, just make a photocopy of your character sheets and set it aside.

If you ever do this for one of my dungeons, post it on the page.  (# of players, scroll choices, # of quickloads, game time, and IRL time).


  1. Do any features utilize 2.0's MD or was this made without that system in mind?

  2. I presume the Kill Count's "cheating death" ability comes into play once the Slayer's count reaches 13. And that before then, if they get killed while using Murder, they just die like a loser.