Thursday, June 25, 2015

More Bug Collector Ecosystems

This is a continuation of my ecosystems for the bug collector class.  You can't be a bug collector without bugs to collect, can you?  Detailed here are the Desert, City, and Tundra ecosystems.
by Bobertbra

Ecosystem: Desert

Desert Badge: +2 to save against blindness and or light effects.

  1. Ankheg Larva: Drums the ground when pinched.  90% chance of summoning an angry ankheg (HD 3) in 1d6 minutes.
  2. Clockwork Antibeetle: When thrown on a construct or golem, paralyzes it for 1 round
  3. Garrulous Locust: Above ground, will summon a swarm of locusts that grab you and fly away.  Usually drop you off at the nearest humanoid settlement, but there is a 1-in-6 chance that they instead drop you off somewhere perilous.
  4. Goro Beetle: If ingested, as flesh to stone, except that it lasts for 24 hours.  Also works as a stone to flesh spell if fed to a statue, after 24 hours.
  5. Horsefly Devil:  Might actually be a tiny devil.  If a ranged attack roll is successful (20' max), target is blinded and takes 1 damage each turn until it spends a round swatting the horsefly devil.  Only works on targets that rely on a single pair of eyes.
  6. Mummy Bug: Cures a magical disease (such as mummy rot) in exchange for 100 gold.
  7. Nubalidia Moth: As detect magic.
  8. Rust Monster Larva: As a rust monster's rust attack, once.
  9. Sacred Scarab: If a ranged attack roll is successful (20' max), bites the target for 1d4 damage immediately, and again on the next two subsequent rounds.  Also incredibly valuable to most mummies, who will bargain in order to possess it.
  10. Sacred Sand Lion: Throwable up to 20'  All creatures within 10' must save or be sucked into the sand, dust, or loose dirt that they are standing on.  Only sucks people down 3', so humans will be stuck up to their waist, while dogs will suffocate unless swiftly rescued.

Ecosystem: City

City Badge: You get +1 to hit with quarterstaffs and butterfly nets.
  1. Assassin's Earwig: If placed in a lock, has a 90% chance to unlock it, and a 10% to crush itself to death in there, jamming the lock.
  2. Business Bug: If eaten, sobers you up immediately if you are drunk. If you are suffering from a mind-affecting poison, grants a new save against that poison.
  3. Doodle Bug: If eaten, immediately causes the appearance of leprosy without any actual disability.  Lasts until alcohol is consumed.
  4. Ghost-eater Wasp: Does 1d12 damage to the nearest incorporeal undead within 20'.
  5. Jimmy Bug: Picks the pocket of a target within 20', and then returns the item back to you.  95% success rate.  Cannot carry things that weigh more than half a pound.
  6. Otyugh Larva: Squeals when pinched.  50% chance of summoning an angry otyugh in 1d6 minutes.
  7. Powder Bug: If eaten, gets you tremendously high.  Can be sold for 10g in most cities, if fresh.  Effects are euphoria, immunity to negative emotion effects, mild hallucinations, and 1d6 Wis damage.  
  8. Spy Fly: If eaten, you see all of the things that it witnessed in the last hour.  Most bug collectors will tie a string to it, or glue it to something they can leave laying around innocuously.
  9. Termite Queen: Destroys a shack (or wooden object shack-sized or smaller) in 1 day by devouring all of the wooden components.  Destroys a cottage in 1 week (50% chance of being noticed and stopped halfway through).  Destroys a mansion in 1 month (80% chance of being noticed and stopped halfway through).  Multiple bugs do not increase chance of success.
  10. Unlucky Moth: Circles your head.  The next time you would be hit by a small projectile (arrow, slingstone) the moth intercepts it and dies, sparing you the attack.

Ecosystem: Tundra

Tundra Badge: Your max HP is increased by 3.
  1. Cruel Angel Worm: When placed on someone's face, bites them for 1 damage whenever they knowingly tell a lie.
  2. Glacier-Tongue Weevil: As grease, except the produces a thin layer of ice instead of literal grease.
  3. Ice Needle Caterpillar.  All creatures in a 15' cone take 1d6 piercing damage (save for half) as the caterpillar is squeezed until it explodes in a shower of shards.
  4. Lunar Moth: As commune.
  5. Merciful Moth: If a person died from cold damage, or from freezing to death, this moth has a 50% chance of returning them to life.  They'll be a 1 HP and require a week's rest before they're capable of any exertion (such as walking).  This works even on very old frozen corpses.  If the 50% chance fails, it just creates rotten meat.
  6. Mother's Merry Worm: If placed on snow or ice, will attempt to make an pseudo-igloo and then hibernate inside it.  This takes 1 hour, and if the hibernating worm is removed, it is big enough for 6 people.
  7. Proxy Moth: Turns an equal amount of ice into ~1000 silver coins.  Lasts for 3 days before turning back into ice (or water, if the temperature is warm enough).
  8. Remorhaz Larva: Releases pungent pheromone when pinched.  20% chance to summon an angry remorhaz in 1d6 hours.
  9. Remorhaz Pupa: Melts all ice or snow in a 10' radius.  Does 2d6 damage (save for half) to all ice- or cold-based creatures in the same area (including creatures that are weak against fire).
  10. White Widow Spider: As the mend spell.  Loves to repair domestic tools.

Coming Soon (Coming Eventually): Ocean, Mountain, Jungle, Swamp

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